Old School Truck Triptopus Sticker

Old School Truck Triptopus Sticker
Artist: Unknown


H2 Test

Peel Slap Stick is an original collection of street art stickers.  Our interest in street art stickers comes from the overall culture of graffiti, with “slapping up” stickers as a sub genre.  This collection is a one of a kind contribution to street art, with out collection of examples of street art stickers from San Francisco, New York City, Tokyo, and beyond.

We want to give a shout out to our friends at MakeVideoLink.com.  MakeVideoLink was build by good friends of ours, and is a service that helps you create a link to a video that starts at a certain time.  Those guys are friends of our, and where with us when on many occasions when we collected stickers, and put up our own stickers.  That business is a cool business, and we use it create URLs with timestamps.